Rendering & 3D Animation
Using Form-Z 6.5, our staff can produce high quality 2D/3D models of residential or commercial buildings. Renderings can be presented to clients showing multiple views and perspectives of buildings we’ve measured or new designs. Animated walk-throughs of facilities can also be created to give clients a better sense of existing conditions or proposed space.

Implemented technologies
Our field technicians utilize the latest technology to efficiently perform our measurements. We implement software such as PowerCAD Sitemaster 3 installed on Pocket PC’s. Along with Bluetooth technology which allows a direct connection to our Leica Disto A6 laser measure distance meters, we can measure a building and have a majority of the facility already drafted in CAD format before we leave the site. In our office, we specialize in the usage of AutoCAD, Form-Z 6.5 and Adobe Photoshop. Our finished products can be submitted in multiple formats as required.

Our field crew has vast experience measuring complex buildings. Often we are faced with buildings that were constructed using skewed angles and curves. We pull out all the tricks when taking on these types of projects. Digital protractors like the Bosch Miterfinder not only help carpenters, they also help companies like ours find exact angles of walls, roofs and framing members to accurately show on our drawings.

V.E.C.S. CAD technicians are experts in the usage of AutoCAD. Our crew has extensive knowledge of the AEC industry with an average of 15 years CAD and field verification experience company-wide. Some members of our team have also become state certified to teach Advanced Autocad courses. We can take on just about any drafting assignment from any discipline. Whether it be Architectural, mechanical, civil or facility management, we can get it done accurately and efficiently. If a client does not use Autocad in their own office, we can easily export our CAD files to any CAD software format as required.