Digitally Recreating Your Structures

V.E.C.S. provides field verification of commercial and residential buildings. We prepare existing conditions drawings based on the measurements we take. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the AEC industry with an average of 15 years CAD and field verification experience company-wide. Our firm specializes in the use of software packages such as AutoCAD, FM-Systems, Adobe Photoshop and Form-Z. We can present drawings or presentations in multiple formats based upon your criteria.

We can measure most buildings on very short notice and deliver drawings within a few days.

We serve:

Property & Realty Developers
Building Owners
Facility Managers
Drafting/Design Departments



Using CAFM we can input and track
information including:

· Gross Building Area

· Gross Measured Area

· Building Rentable Area

· Floor Rentable Area

· Floor Usable Area

· Usable Area

· Floor Common Area

· Basic Rentable Area

· Building Common Area

· Rentable Area

· Office Area

· Store Area


Dimensioned Plans, Sections, and Elevations

· Overall Interior and Exterior Dimensions

· Floor-to-Floor Heights

· Plate heights

· Roof Angles

· Window and Door Sizes

· Wall Types and Thicknesses



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